Firearms policy at Official March For Our Rights Functions

This has not been an easy subject to arrive at a decision for. 

There are nearly as many opinions on the merits of carrying firearms at our marches as there are members in the group.

In the words of General George S. Patton  

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

After careful consideration and much deliberation within leadership, we have arrived at the following policy for all sanctioned events:

While I personally believe it may be inflammatory to some, we cannot ask you as free American citizens to march for the preservation of your Constitutional rights and simultaneously ask you not to exercize them freely. 

To do so would be to engage in the same hypocricy as those we oppose. 

I, and all leadership of March For Our Rights believe in the freedom to express all the rights that are protected under the Constitution of the United States and will not attempt to dissuade any member from doing so. 

We do insist however that all members act in accordance with established Federal, State and Local law. 

We also ask that you do not show up to our events in full battle rattle. 

Concealed carry is encouraged over open carry, but that being said, you are free men and women. Your 2A rights will be as zealously protected as the rest of your rights. 

I know some will disagree with this policy. The 2A is more important to some of you than it is to others. Others may value the 1st more than you, or the 4th. We should not hold to a narrow vision. It is imperative that we support each other, even if it is a right that you do not choose to participate in because if you don't stand with them, how can you ask them to stand with you? 

We always welcome input and discussion on all our threads but please do not ask us to change our established policy and try to understand the importance of supporting and defending the Constitution as a whole.  

 Thank you

March For Our Rights

Brett Segal

Brett Segal is the founder of Disgruntled Generation, the host of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast and the co-founder of Segal Brothers Productions, a full service audio and video production company.