The Disgruntled Millennial hosts M.F.O.R. Speakers

March For Our Rights speeches will be limited to about 10-20 minutes, but our speakers have much more to say. Our co-sponsor, The Disgruntled Millennial, has given "the floor" to our speakers in a series of in-depth interviews with March for Our Rights speakers.  

As of late, 3 installments have been recorded.  Many more are on the way.


Interview with Freedom Right founder, Sybele Capezzutti, who will be speaking in Nashiville, TN

Interview with Anni Cyrus, who will also be speaking in Nashville, TN on May 19, 2918

Interview with Arthur Schaper, who will be speaking in Los Angeles, CA, on May 19.

Stay tuned for more interviews with prominent March For Our Rights speakers.

Brett Segal

Brett Segal is the founder of Disgruntled Generation, the host of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast and the co-founder of Segal Brothers Productions, a full service audio and video production company.